Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka was founded in 1955 and in the past six decades, it has grown into a highly educational and scientific institution with an enviable reputation in Croatia and abroad, of multiple significance for this region, as well as for our entire Homeland. 
The Faculty of Medicine is also a place where the educational, professional and scientific-research activities are parallely performed and developed. We are proud to emphasize that  during their studies and through an integrated approach, our students acquire subject knowledge, skills and competencies for their future job activity, as well as the ability of independent thinking, critical evaluation, problem solving skills and the ability to deal with development and scientific work, while respecting the highest ethical standards. Apart from the quality of the educational process and the pleasant study environment, studying in Rijeka is really enjoyable for the various sports and social activities organised by the Students Organisations, as well as for the pleasant Mediterranean and Central European envirnoment that our town offers.
Therefore I invite you to visit our Faculty, get acquainted with the possibilities we offer and choose one of our study programmes. Furthermore, I wish to extend my invitation to all those who are interested to establish a common cooperation on one of the scientific-research or technological projects carried out at our Faculty. 
The Dean
Prof. Tomislav Rukavina, M.D., PhD. 


The vision of the Faculty of Medicine is to position itself in a national and international area as a leading, recognizable, and competitive higher education, scientific, and professional institution that is closely connected with and adjusted to the needs of the local and wider community. In terms of education, the Faculty is continuously developing as a higher education institution recognizable primarily by the education of its cadre that posses a high level of moral values and a set of skills and knowledge based on learning outcomes. On the scientific and research plan, the Faculty is continuously positioned as a recognizable scientific center for biomedical and interdisciplinary research, which are coordinated with the European concept of “smart specialization”, with a more powerful orientation towards applied and applicable science, especially in the field of translational research with the aim of introducing modern scientific findings into everyday practice.
The mission of the Faculty of Medicine as a public teaching and scientific institution is to educate students of medicine, dental medicine, sanitary engineering, as well as other cadre profiles in the field of biomedicine and healthcare and other interdisciplinary areas for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for the prevention of diseases, preservation and improvement of health, treatment and rehabilitation of patients, and sustainable development of the society as a whole. The basis for further development is the Faculty’s permanent commitment to invest in the quality of the education process, scientific and research and professional work in the scientific field of biomedicine and healthcare, but also in interdisciplinary scientific areas. The close connection of core activities will contribute to the integration of scientific and professional results and findings into the education process with the aim of a better, faster, complete and sustainable development of the society which we live in.
In order to ensure the objectives set, the Faculty will actively work on enhancing the cooperation with the leading national and international healthcare, higher education, and scientific institutions to provide its students, teachers, and other staff with conditions for professional prosperity, which will contribute to the development of the Faculty, University, and the society which we live in.